Fall 2020 President’s and Dean’s List

Congratulations to our students making the President’s and Dean’s list for Fall 2020.

To honor our students for outstanding academic achievement the college publishes a President’s list at the end of each semester. Students enrolled for a minimum of 12 semester hours in a given term in an approved curriculum and earning a 4.0 GPA will be placed on the President’s list. Only courses at or above the 100 level are considered in calculating eligibility for academic honor.

President’s List

A.G.E. – Medical Sonography:
Sheri L. Cullen, Anna M. Dragunov, Amanda S. Lewis, Melissa Ramirez, Anna E. Smit, Suzette Smit, Addison P. Smith, Alanna A. Vongdeuane, May L. Xiong

Accounting and Finance Degree:
Morgan D. Loyd

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology Degree:
Conner E. Rollins

Associate in Arts:
Lynna Bui, Hanna Costello, Madeline G. Crotts, Gabrielle Desimone, Pricilla Esquivel, Itzayana Gutierrez, Nicole Iancu, Sylvia Jarvis, Casey D. Kelly, Rebecca Law, Andrew J. Lowder, Amelia M. Mead, Caleb D. Peters, Rosie Russo, Yamila Sami-Geng, Alexis Smith, Ruvim Styrku, Caylin B. Turner, Courtney L. Widener, Emily Zenoski

Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts:
Miranda Santana, Julianna F. Waltz

Associate in General Education-Nursing:
Carmen P. Bedrosian, Meghan Campbell, Aaleigha A. Gravlin, Tatiana V. Septimio

Associate in Science:
Emma K. Ahern, Hannah Dennehy, Jeydi Galiana-Ramirez, David A. Leonard, Michael S. Leonard, Peightyn S. Smith

Automotive Systems Technology Degree:
Bonny Hernandez

Basic Law Enforcement Training Certificate:
James E. Alexson, Christopher Alston, Tiffany M. Deese, Cody T. Dupree, Matthew D. Faulkenberry, Philip C. Fincher, Keousha S. Griffin, Timothy R. Kane, Ryan E. Melton, Alexander S. Moore, Dylan Orlando, Olivia M. Roman, Courtney M. Stegall, Sloan Tracy, Carson R. West

Business Administration Degree:
Julie H. Baker, Christy M. McKinley, Kristen L. Mills

Business Administration Entrepreneurship Degree:
Shannon E. Hendel

College Transfer Pathway:
Elias J. Campbell, Madalyn I. Dean, Madison C. Dutton, Adil Hassan, Katie L. Horne, Rebecca D. Huntley, Erin N. Lookabill, Miranda R. Moorhouse, Mallory B. Sikes, Trinity C. Spencer, Gracie Stinson, Sydney K. Wright

Culinary Arts Degree:
Angela L. Banks

Cyber Crime Technology Degree:
Miranda L. Bolk

Digital Media Degree:
Daniel Megard, Gabriella R. Rivera, Olivia E. Tucker, Jonathan D. Watson

Early Childhood Education – Transfer Degree:
Carey C. Evon

Human Services Technology Degree:
Tania Garcia

Industrial Systems Machining Certificate:
Nicholas S. Echols

Industrial Systems Technology – Machining Pathway Degree:
Matthew O. Crump, Jackson Gurley, Andrew N. Seegers, Charles D. Wallace

IT Business Support Degree:
Eric D. Phillips, Kenny S. Vergara-Tapia

IT Game and Simulation Programming Degree:
Austin J. Parker

IT Information Systems Degree:
Cody D. Dermid, Jessica Paul, Denzel A. Redd, Sherita S. Thomas

IT Systems Security Degree:
Andrew H. Deocampo

Mechatronics Engineering Technology Degree:
Kurt G. McCormick

Medical Assisting Diploma:
Cameron E. McManus, Elizabeth Velasco

Medical Sonography Degree:
Sarah K. Bennett, Rebecca E. Bowles, Jessica-Irene Gatica, Mallory L. Poindexter, Kimberly E. Ptak, Kristen Tesar

Paralegal Technology Degree:
Deanna N. Bonilla

Refrigeration Certificate:
Spiros D. Tsiamis

The Dean’s list is also published at the end of each semester and honors the outstanding academic achievement of our students. Students enrolled for a minimum of 12 semester hours in a given term in an approved curriculum and earning a 3.5 GPA or higher (but less than a 4.0 GPA) will be placed on the Dean’s list. Only courses at or above the 100 level are considered in calculating eligibility for academic honor.

Dean’s List

A.G.E – Practical Nursing:
Josh M. Telfer

A.G.E. – Medical Sonography:
Jessica Agostini, Faith E. Bezant, Alexa C. Langford, Courtney Miller, Hilary F. Mitchell, Leanna L. Pugh, Desirae J. Rosario, Caitlin A. Swinson

Accounting and Finance Degree:
Jessica L. Byrom, Marjorie C. Lee, Allysson J. Norris

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology Degree:
Hunter B. Morris

Associate in Arts:
Savannah N. Baker, Joannie C. Barnhill, Daniela Cordova, Helen A. Crossman, Jacob L. Cummings, Lyzbeth Diaz-Garcia, Savannah Figueroa, Miranda Goodwin, Haleigh B. Griffin, Titus B. Hayes, Lauren Hultquist, Lily M. Jones, Samson J. Kaplin, Alyssa Locascio, Jada M. McClain, Lauren M. Pace, Mallory D. Ridgeway, Richard B. Saunders, Andrea M. Seegars, Harley Stegall, Michelle Venegas-Ayala, Daphne Watson, Brianna H. Williams

Associate in Arts – Wingate:
Abigayle D. Havard, Harrison S. Hinson, Anthony R. Marple

Associate in Engineering:
Yery J. Monrroy Rosa

Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts:
Hailie Davidson

Associate in General Education-Nursing:
Santiago Duarte, Stephanie Hernandez

Associate in Science:
Gabriel C. Azie, Chasity I. Chambers, Chloe E. Combs, Abigail L. Edeker, Logan H. Goodwin, Shelby S. Hammond-Helms, Kaylyn B. McClendon, Joanna L. McConnell, Kevese C. Michael, Tyler F. Moore, Elias N. Nixon, Rebecca C. Rains, Sahara L. Roberts

Business Administration – CTE Certificate:
Noah R. Carpenter

Business Administration Degree:
Elizabeth C. Clark, Owen R. Emerson, Richard A. Heins, Samuel A. Ingram, Savannah K. Kirton, Shaun A. Mize, Rachel Rape

Business Administration Entrepreneurship Degree:
Curtis Gordon, Isabella A. Uhl

College Transfer Pathway:
Malerie F. Austin, Jayden N. Baucom, MacKay E. Burr, Claudia F. Hill, John A. Kendall, Arsal Khalid, Trinity Legrand, Garon Lowke, Isabella C. McCray, Emma K. Steagall

Criminal Justice Technology Degree:
Matthew Gravely, Kenneth L. Nance

Cyber Crime Technology Degree:
Mario J. Flores, Sairy Nunez, John D. Piller

Digital Media Degree:
Hannah B. Emerson, Shaun J. Tremblay-Murphy

Digital Print Production Degree:
Allyson Glaze

Early Childhood Education – Practitioner Degree:
Jennah M. Lomax, Regine S. Reid

General Medical Office Administration Degree:
Tia Dispennette, Brandy A. Roberts

IT Game and Simulation Programming Degree:
Drake A. Hartzell, Daniel J. Michalak, Alex L. Wyatt

IT Information Systems Degree:
Jesse Gaddy, Justin Loftis, Michael D. Monro

IT Web Administration and Design Degree:
Damien Stout

Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Pathway Degree:
Dalton E. Nelson

Mechatronics Engineering Technology Degree:
Daniel R. Huneycutt, Francis Giomaric O. Samson

Medical Assisting-Medical Lab Assistant Certificate:
Heather A. Iler

Medical Sonography Degree:
Casey M. Freeman, Michelle H. Gaston, Kristen N. Huntley, Hannah C. Richey, Brittany M. Jackson, Sulema Yepes-Garcia

Refrigeration Certificate:
Kristofer M. Pennigar

Simulation and Game Development:
Daniel L. Williams

Welding Technology Diploma:
Jair Gomez

Academic Honors
Students enrolled in a curriculum program leading to a degree, a diploma, or a certificate, are eligible for the Academic Honors lists. Special credit students are not eligible for academic honors. Students who earn grades of “D,” “F,” or “I” for the semester are also not eligible. Any repeated (coursework previously attempted), developmental education courses or earned grades of “W” or “WI” will be excluded from the minimum semester hours.

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