ePortfolios of Excellence Presentations and Awards

On May 4, Brittany West, top award winner, Charlie Wheater, 2nd Place award, and Sarah Stephens, 3rd Place award, presented their ePortfolios for faculty, staff, and students in Creech Boardroom on the Old Charlotte Highway Campus. ePortfolios of Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements of students in the Associates in Arts, Associates in Science, and Associates in Fine Arts programs. Sponsored by the School of Arts and Sciences, the awards presentation gives students the opportunity to share their learning with the college community while gaining the experience of their first professional presentation outside the classroom.

ePortfolio was named the eleventh high impact educational practice by the American Association of Colleges and Universities in 2016. The School of Arts and Sciences supports First Year Experience, Honors, Global Scholars of Distinction, and Service Learning, which are also high impact, higher education practices. For information on ePortfolio, Honors, Global Scholars, or Service Learning, contact Tammy Frailly at tfrailly@spcc.edu. For information on First Year Experience, contact Ryan Brown at rbrown@spcc.edu.

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