HyFlex Classroom Technology

Description: A combination of classroom technology that provides an optimal teaching environment for delivering instruction using a HyFlex modality, or face-to-face, virtual (synchronous), and online instruction. HyFlex classrooms are generally equipped with: Smartboard including an attached mini-computer, secondary display monitor, a control panel, and external microphones/speakers. Classroom equipment in each room varies. 

Support Contact Info: 

For help with immediate issues in your classroom, please: 

Refer to the technology guides found in each classroom for setting up equipment and troubleshooting issues. (Digital copies of these guides can be found online on the eLearning website and the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Leadership website. ) 

You can call IT directly using the phone located inside the classroom. Directions should be attached to the phone or nearby.  

You can also contact: 

eLearning Team 

Catalina Ramirez (eLearning Director): cramirez@spcc.edu 
Misty Skiles (Instructional Designer): mskiles@spcc.edu  

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