Course Delivery

Traditional Courses

Regular, face-to-face classroom courses on campus that use an online course site to supplement instruction. Section numbers for traditional classes have a “C” in the second field.

Blended Courses

Combine online learning with required, scheduled, face-to-face instructional time. Section numbers for blended courses have an “A” or “S” in the second field.

Online (Internet)

Courses offer students time and location flexibility in accessing learning materials, assessments, and other various class activities. Section numbers for courses conducted fully online begin with “O”.

Interactive Television (ITV)

HyFlex or Hybrid-Flexible

Virtual Services

A course model that presents the components of hybrid learning in a flexible course structure. It offers students the option of attending sessions in the classroom, participating online, or doing both. Students can change their mode of attendance weekly, according to need or preference. A HyFlex model offers multiple paths through course content, which supports students with various levels of expertise, background, or learning styles in achieving the course competencies. These courses are taught by SPCC instructors and section numbers end with an “F.”

What's My Path?