Technology including course-specific software and the internet are critical components of communication and instruction at SPCC. Each of our courses leverage technology in some fashion with the goal of supporting each student learning experience.  

This site and the available Quick Links are here as a resource to all students regardless of your academic goal or experience with technology. The eLearning Defined page gives a description of each course format offered at SPCC and the degree to which it implements the internet for instruction. Online Learning Readiness gives a summary of what students should anticipate in their courses, information on the necessary computer skills to complete assignments, as well as a free (and short) quiz to indicate your “online readiness”. Whether you are a veteran computer user or you are just beginning there are several how-to videos and resources available via Online Learning Resources – there’s also information on improving your study-skills and time management. Netiquette Guide that gives a broad overview of how to communicate with others digitally in online courses and email as well as some effective strategies for just being a better “you” when online. Interested out-of-state students as well as students seeking to file a complaint please see the State Authorization and Complaint Procedures link.