Dr. Pharr’s Letter for Fall Reopening

As I look back over the past few months, I am grateful for and humbled by the patience, commitment, and understanding everyone has shown as we adjusted our operations and interactions to continue our services in safer ways.

The South Piedmont family is a caring and close-knit community. We are a growing college, but we remain mindful of and dedicated to maintaining the supportive and meaningful connections we have with our students, our community, and each other. We will continue to find ways to adapt and persevere in our evolving world and stay focused on delivering the highest quality education and service to all of our constituents as they pass through our doors in both directions. And as we begin our upcoming fall semester, we will implement program options and operational guidelines that provide not only a safer environment, but also a novel, personalized, and integrated approach to learning. We are introducing flexible learning models in many of our courses which provide students with the flexibility to choose virtual, face-to-face, or a mix of both methods throughout the term. We also are offering an Associate in Arts program that can be completed in a year. Please look on our website to learn more about these exciting opportunities.

For more specific general information regarding our upcoming fall semester, please note the following: 

  • Courses that were originally scheduled for online delivery will remain unchanged.
  • Seated courses will now transition to online while still maintaining planned course times with synchronous (real-time, online), instructor-led class sessions. This will allow for an easy transition if we are able to convert back to face-to-face instruction.
  • Certain courses in health and nursing, public safety, natural sciences, applied sciences and technologies, and career and college readiness may have face-to-face components.
    • Courses that meet in person will have limited capacity resulting in smaller groups of students.
    • Courses that contain “open labs” will be scheduled by appointment.
    • Courses with face-to-face components will follow strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols, will require students to wear masks, and will implement social distancing.

As it becomes safe and appropriate, we will shift more instruction to a face-to-face format.  While our fall classes are mainly online, our campus locations are open for full services; however, we still encourage the use of virtual services when possible. This applies to advising, counseling, academic support, libraries, student activities, and other appropriate services.

South Piedmont’s Reopening Plan is being developed in the wider context of North Carolina’s guidance from our Governor and our health officials. We will continue to update the plan as the situation warrants and provide critical updates as conditions evolve.

We have been a leader across the state by adapting quickly and effectively to our ever-changing conditions, and we continue to lead the way through innovative and contemporary ways of delivering high-quality education. Thank you for your continued efforts to help South Piedmont be the beacon of hope and the foundation for progress in our community.

Dr. Maria Pharr