Exam Proctoring – On-site and Distance Learning

The SPCC Testing Center offers proctoring services under special circumstances.

This service is available to on-site and off-site faculty and students for the administration of make-up testing, accommodation testing, and external agency testing. The Testing Center is not capable of testing entire classes or serving as a “substitute” for absent instructors. Under special circumstances, the Testing Center will consider proctoring on-line math course examinations when the faculty member does not reside in our service area.

Instructor procedure for test proctoring:

  • Confirm availability of requested test dates with Testing Center at testing@spcc.edu.
  • Institutions or faculty must complete the SPCC Test Proctoring form and submit via email to testing@spcc.edu.
  • The institution or faculty notifies the student of the testing timeframe and instructs student to schedule an appointment with SPCC’s Testing Center.
  • The institution/faculty requesting testing support is responsible for providing all tests and testing-related materials. This includes any special instruments, blue books, tables, graphs, text, etc., as well as a return addressed postage-paid envelopes. All correspondence and tests must contain the student’s full name, course information, instructor name, institution name, and contact information (phone number and email).
  • Some institutions require the student to find a proctoring site, but ultimately that institution must provide the proctor request and test material.

Student procedures for proctored exams are as follows:

  • All students must schedule an appointment for a proctored exam.
  • Students arrive at the Testing Center at least 15 minutes prior to testing time with:
    • valid photo ID
    • proof of proctoring fee payment (Non-SPCC students are required to pay a $20 proctoring fee at the Business Office)
    • if required, return addressed postage-paid envelope for returning test
  • Students are encouraged not to bring unnecessary items to the test. Student’s personal belongings will be locked in a secure location outside the testing room.