Exam Proctoring – On-site and Distance Learning

The SPCC Testing Center offers proctoring services under special circumstances. This service is available to on-site and off-site faculty and students for the administration of make-up testing, accommodation testing, and external agency testing. The Testing Center is not capable of testing entire classes or serving as a “substitute” for absent instructors. Under special circumstances, the Testing Center will consider proctoring on-line math course examinations when the faculty member does not reside in our service area.

Procedure for requesting a proctored distance learning exam are as follows:

  • Tests may be administered online, provided a secure user name and password by the instructor.
  • Tests may be administered using printed materials, provided the printed tests are received by the Testing Center via the U.S. Postal Service or common carrier (ie. UPS or FedEx) or may be received via an e-mail attachment from an official college e-mail account.
  • The SPCC Testing Center does not send or receive tests via fax.
  • All requests for test proctoring must be made by completing the SPCC Test Proctoring form. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE before submitting your testing request.
  • Institutions or faculty must complete the SPCC Test Proctoring form and email completed Proctoring Form to testing@spcc.edu. (Faculty must confirm the availability of requested test dates and times with the Testing Center prior to submitting the Test Proctoring form).
  • After the institution or faculty member receives approval from the Testing Center the institution or faculty member notifies the student of the date and time for testing and instructs them to schedule an appointment with SPCC Testing Center.
  • The institution requesting testing support is responsible for providing all tests and testing-related materials. This includes any special instruments, blue books, tables, graphs, text, etc., as well as a return addressed postage-paid envelopes. All correspondence and tests must contain the student’s full name, course information, instructor name, institution name, and contact information (phone number and email).
  • Some institutions require the student to find a proctoring site, but ultimately that institution must provide the proctor request and test information.

Student procedures for proctored exams are as follows:

  • All students must schedule an appointment for a proctored exam.
  • Students arrive at the Testing Center at least 15 minutes prior to testing time and present a valid photo ID and proof of proctoring fee payment (Non-SPCC students are required to pay a $20 proctoring fee at the Business Office on the day of the test.)
  • Students are encouraged not to bring unnecessary items to the test. Student’s personal belongings will be locked in a secure location outside the testing room.