Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Members of the South Piedmont Community College Board of Trustees are appointed by the Governor of North Carolina and the boards of education and the boards of county commissioners in Anson and Union counties. In addition, the president of the Student Government Association serves as an ex officio, non-voting member.

Trustees set policies for the college in accordance with the General Statutes that govern North Carolina Community Colleges as specified in G.S. 115-D and locally adopted bylaws.

Board MembersTermAppointed by:
Mr. Christopher Duggan Mr. Christopher Duggan2021-2025Union County Board of Commissioners
Ms. Caroline Hightower Ms. Caroline Hightower2021-2025Governor (Anson Co.)
Mr. Kenneth W. Horne, Jr Mr. Kenneth W. Horne, Jr.2020-2024Anson County
Board of Commissioners
Mr. Bill HuttonMr. Bill Hutton2018-2022Governor (Union Co.)
Mrs. Pat Kahle, Secretary Ms. Pat Kahle, Secretary2019-2023Union County
Board of Education
Ms. Sharon Knotts Ms. Sharon Knotts2019-2023Anson County
Board of Education
Mr. Harvey H. Leavitt, III Mr. Harvey H. Leavitt, III, Vice Chair2021-2025Anson County
Board of Education
Mr. Michael Lutes Mr. Michael Lutes2020-2024Governor (Union Co.)
Mr. Bill F. Norwood, ChairMr. Bill F. Norwood, Chair2020-2024Union County
Board of Education
Sheriff Landrick Reid Sheriff Landric Reid2019-2023Governor (Anson Co.)
Mr. Jerry Simpson Mr. Jerry Simpson2020-2024Union County Board of Commissioners
Mr. Gary Summerfield Mr. Gary Summerfield2022-2026Union County Board of Commissioners
Thompson_1366px Mr. Jarvis T. Woodburn, Immediate Past Chair2022-2026Anson County
Board of Commissioners
Goodwin Ms. Miranda Goodwin, Student Government Association President2022-2023Ex Officio

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