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The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Leadership empowers and supports South Piedmont’s teachers, leaders, and scholars.  As a community of reflective practitioners and learners dedicated to life-long growth and continuous improvement, we engage in professional development to foster student success.  The Center provides high-quality development opportunities which are aligned with South Piedmont’s educators’ expertise, North Carolina state resources, and connections in the community and region.

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” – Abigail Adams

The CTLL offers professional development “one-stop shopping” by providing multimodal, accessible forms of purposeful learning opportunities for SPCC educators.  Instructors can use the professional development tools and calendar to help manage their professional growth. They can also visit any of the categories to choose from a variety of training resources and opportunities.  Finally,  they can keep up-to-date on announcements and upcoming events with “The Exchange” – the CTLL’s Newsletter.



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SPCC Professional Development Tools

SPCC Professional Development

  • A minimum of 5 (five) professional development hours are required for faculty and staff outside of certain mandatory college-wide compliance training and professional development activities.
  • Professional development goals are established at the beginning of the year and reviewed during the annual performance appraisal process. It is the responsibility of employees to keep track of professional development hours via the Professional Development Reporting Log.
  • Employees will provide the Professional Development Reporting Log to their supervisor during both the mid-year review and the annual performance appraisal process.


Guidelines for Awarding Professional Development

  • Professional development credit will be awarded for participating in an activity that has been designed to build an employee’s skills and knowledge. Employees should consult their supervisors if there is a question concerning an activity’s applicability for professional development credit.
  • Professional development credit will be awarded in one-hour increments. Any activities that are under one hour in duration will be tracked and awarded when they total one hour. For example, two 30-minute webinars equal one hour of professional development credit.
  • Supervisor approval is required for any funding expense(s) related to professional development. Calculating hours awarded for conferences and similar events should reflect only time spent in actual professional development activities. For example, if you attend one qualifying hour-long session during a full conference day, then only one hour would be recorded.
  • All South Piedmont employees are encouraged to share and transfer knowledge via presenting to the college. Any faculty or staff member that serves as a presenter may earn professional development credit towards their annual professional development requirement subject to approval by their immediate supervisor. Time spent on initial material preparation and content development may count towards professional development hours.

Professional Development Policy

Faculty must complete the  PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT LOG to track their professional development.

Please note:

The log is completed annually for the professional development activities completed from April 1st through March 31st.  A new log is initiated at the start of the next professional development year.

When initially creating the log you will complete and hit Submit (see screenshot 1).  The next time you add an activity to your form you will no longer find it under New General Forms, the log will now be accessed on the right side of the Forms under Submitted General Forms 

During the professional development year you will continue to add to the form and after adding simply hit Save before you close the form (see screenshot 2).

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Interested in participating in professional development?

1. Apply for professional development funding

2. Once approved, submit travel request either for reimbursement or advance. Note: please simply use 00-00-0000 for the Department Code.

4. Next, complete form to facilitate your own session to share what you learned!

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