Reverse Transfer

15-4159-gad-reverse-transfer-logo_final_rgbThe Reverse Transfer Program is a collaborative effort between North Carolina’s Community Colleges and the University of North Carolina’s 16 constituent institutions.

Students who transfer from one of the 58 North Carolina community colleges to a North Carolina university are given the opportunity to combine the credits earned at the university with credits previously earned at the community college to determine if the associate degree requirements have been met.

Twice a year, community colleges will evaluate transcripts received from the university and inform students if an associate degree has been earned. If an associate degree is awarded, the community college will send details on how to obtain a printed diploma and graduation information to the student’s university email.

To graduate from SPCC, students must meet residency requirements for graduation. A minimum of 25 percent of the credit hours in the respective program must be completed at SPCC.

If you are not enrolled in the reverse transfer program and would like to participate, contact the UNC System office reverse transfer director.

Visit the University of North Carolina Reverse Transfer Program for complete details and FAQs for Students.

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