EMT Basic Certification

The EMT Basic provides pre-hospital emergency medical care and is a vital part of the health care team.

Course Description

Students who successfully complete the course will be qualified to take the state or national certification test for Emergency Medical Technician Basic. Instructional time includes: ride-along hours, class work, and hands-on lab skills necessary to provide emergency services agency or other specialized ambulance service. Successful students who pass the state or national certification test are prepared for immediate employment in emergency services and may choose to go on to complete the EMT Paramedic certification.

Current Courses

2023 Spring EMT-Basic consists of:
48 in-person class hours, 96 in-person lab hours, 48 on-line hours,
and 48 clinical hours = 240 hours total.
Registration is closed

TermDatesSeated TimesPlus these
Clinical shifts on these weekends:Location
’23 Spring Term
Union night Class
01/10/23 – 5/04/23
No Classes 2/14, 3/7, 3/9
Tue, Thurs6-10 pmSaturdays
2/18 & 3/18
8am – 5pm
3/25 – 3/26
4/1 – 4/2
4/15 – 4/16
4/22 – 4/23
4/29 – 4/30
Monroe Campus
Union County
’23 Spring Term
Anson night Class
01/09/23 – 5/03/23
No Classes 1/16, 3/6, 3/8
Mon, Wed6-10 pmSaturdays
2/18 & 3/25
8am – 5pm
4/1 – 4/2
4/15 – 4/16
4/22 – 4/23
4/29 – 4/30
Polkton Campus
Anson County


Summer 2023 EMT-Basic consists of: 144 in-person class hours, 48 on-line hours
and 48 clinical hours = 240 hours total. No Classes 5/29 6/20, 7/04
Registration opening in late March 2023
TermDatesSeated TimesPlus these
extended hours
Clinical shifts on these weekends:Location
’23 Summer Term
Union Day Class
05/22/23 – 7/19/23
6/16 – 6/18
6/23 – 6/25
7/07 – 7/09
7/14 – 7/16
Monroe Campus
Union County

2023 Fall EMT-Basic consists of: 140 in-person class hours, 62 on-line hours and 54 clinical hours
= 256 hours total.
TermDatesSeated TimesPlus these
extended hours
Clinical shifts on these weekends:Location
’23 Fall Term
Union night classes
Mon, Wed6-10 pmTBDTBDMonroe Campus
Union County

Entry Requirements

  • Completed CASAS evaluation assessing basic reading comprehension skills at minimum at the eleventh-grade level. CASAS evaluation is required regardless of education level.
    This test is offered through the SPCC Testing Center.
  • Must be 17 years of age on or before the official end date of the course.
  • Possession of a valid driver’s license.
  • High School Diploma or GED Certificate.
    If still in high school, contact Rhonda Weaver at rweaver@spcc.edu for instructions.
  • Watch the Mandatory EMT Information Session and submit the EMT Information Session Quiz.

EMT Information Session

View the EMT – Basic Information Session video by watching the video below.

Complete the EMT-Basic Information Session Quiz after viewing the video. 
EMT Basic Information Session Quiz

Registration Steps

All paperwork must be turned in to the Public Safety Program Coordinator Rhonda Weaver at rweaver@spcc.edu or in her office at OCH- Monroe, Mobile Unit 6, room 2809.

The EMT Checklist of all required steps in order is available here: EMT Checklist
EMS Application here:  EMS Application

Do not send links to documents. All signatures must be “live signatures” (meaning not typed) Registration forms are not provided until all documentation has been submitted.  Registrations are conducted on a first-come, first-served basis of completed steps listed in the checklist. We cannot reserve or save seats for anyone.

Other Student-Supplied Required Materials and Supplies 

  • Uniform items
    • Dark Navy Pants with Black Belt. Uniform shirts are provided on the first day of class.
    • Black boots/shoes suitable for EMS
    • Note: Students sponsored by a public safety organization (Police, Fire, EMS) will wear their agency uniform.
  • Official SPCC EMT Student Identification Badge (available after registration)


*Affiliates of a North Carolina Fire, Rescue, or EMS agency may be eligible for the Class Registration Fee Exemption. This is the only fee that may be waived, students are responsible for all other fees.



OCH Campus, Building B: 4209 Old Charlotte Highway, Monroe, NC 28110
OCH Campus Map & Directions

LLP Campus: 680 U.S. 74, Polkton, NC 28135
LLP Campus Map & Directions

For more information, contact:

Rhonda Weaver – Public Safety Program Coordinator at 704-993-2407 or rweaver@spcc.edu
 for application /registration questions
Chris Floto – Lead Instructor at  704-993-2417 or cfloto@spcc.edu
for class schedule and required materials questions

Sam Bishop – EMS Director at 704-290-5817 or tbishop@spcc.edu
         for all other class questions

Testing Appointments:  Testing Center 704-290-5841 testing@spcc.edu
Business Office for payments: 704-290-5849

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