Medical Assisting Program Outcomes

The goal of the Medical Assisting Program at South Piedmont Community College is:
To prepare competent entry-level medical assistants in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains.”


Graduates of the diploma program will:

  • Demonstrate entry-level skills, knowledge, and behavior competence in content, administrative and clinical functions and procedures, including general operational functions, as defined by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs Standards and Guidelines for Medical Assisting Education Programs.
  • Demonstrate professionalism and awareness of patient concerns and needs while providing quality care.
  • Apply office policies and protocols to educate and instruct a diverse patient population according to their needs using available community resources.
  • Recognize and respond to written, verbal, and nonverbal communication, while gathering, documenting, and assessing patient information, with the use of EMR/EHR systems, to execute quality patient care.
  • Articulate fundamental principles, regulations, and statutes for performing within legal and ethical boundaries.
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