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Program Description

This 18 week course is designed to educate technologists in the post-primary practice of MRI.

Core topics include but are not limited to, MRI procedures and equipment operation, patient care (education, preparation, orientation and positioning), patient history and assessment, contrast media usage, scout image, selectable scan parameters, and image processing and display. Students will perform magnetic resonance imaging examinations and duties at various clinical sites under the supervision of MRI technologists. This class includes 144 didactic hours and 444 clinical hours, for a total of 588 hours.

ASRT approved for 28 Category A continuing education units.

Upon completion, students may be eligible to sit for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist post-primary in MRI.

SPCC Previously Approved Clinical Sites You can choose your own clinical site with submission of a completed Clinical Affiliation Agreement
It is the student’s responsibility to contact the clinical site and ensure that they can be accommodated for the clinical rotation. Some clinical sites require additional information and it is the responsibility of the student to complete and submit this information prior to enrollment.

Pre-requisite: Individuals entering this course must be a registered radiologic technologist, radiation therapist, ultra sound technologist or nuclear medicine technologist. Students must present proof of current ARRT certification.

Cost: $199.40 (plus cost of  books, medical document manager, background check & drug screen)

To enroll in MRI

  1. Enroll with Castle Branch  (Package Code is SK18) Upload all required documentation there.
  2. Take the Student Medical Form to your physical exam. An Employee Health record physical can also be used. Once completed, upload to your Castle Branch account.  If you have questions, email Mez Chen.
  3. Choose your clinical site. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the clinical site of their choice to confirm that a clinical rotation can be accommodated. A link of approved clinical sites can be found at: SPCC Previously Approved Clinical Sites. If you wish to do your clinical at a site that is not listed, print a copy of the Clinical Affiliate Agreement. Get the clinical site to sign this form and email it to Mez Chen. The required signatures will be obtained from SPCC and a finalized contract will be sent to the clinical site. If you are completing your clinical hours with Novant you must visit their website (https://www.novanthealth.org/careers/student-programs.aspx ) and fill out the required forms a month in advance to beginning clinicals. After you have filled them out, email them to, mchen@spcc.edu
    Note:  Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center (NHFMC) is not currently accepting long distance learning students
  4. Once all documentation is approved by Castle Branch, complete the registration form and email to dwheeler@spcc.edu
  5. Once you are registered, an email will be sent to you with the phone number to call to make payment.

Must have:

  • Internet access
  • Computer access with word processing (i.e. Microsoft Word)
  • Appropriate scrubs and shoes for clinical
  •  You need to purchase 3 books:
    • MRI in Practice, 4th or 5th Edition, Authors: Westbrook, Roth, Talbot. Wiley-Blackwell Publishing
    • Handbook of MRI Scanning, Authors: Burghart and Finn. ISBN-13: 978-0323068185
    • Sectional Anatomy for Imaging Professionals, 3rd or 4th Edition. Authors: Kelly and Peterson
    • Upcoming Classes:

*Paperwork must be turned in a week before the start date*

SectionBegin DateEnd Date
NUR 3354a 401WJanuary 10, 2023May 16, 2023
NUR 3354a 402WFebruary 14, 2023June 20, 2023
NUR 3354a 403WMarch 14, 2023July 18, 2023
NUR 3354a 404WApril 11, 2023August 15, 2023
NUR 3354a 405WMay 9, 2023September 12, 2023
NUR 3354a 406WJune 13, 2023October 17, 2023
NUR 3354a 407WJuly 11, 2023November 14, 2023
NUR 3354a 408WAugust 8, 2023December 12, 2023
NUR 3354a 409WSeptember 12, 2023January 16, 2024
NUR 3354a 410WOctober 10, 2023February 13, 2024
NUR 3354a 411WNovember 14, 2023March 19, 2024
NUR 3354a 412WDecember 12, 2023April 16, 2024

Employment Opportunities

Graduates should qualify for a variety of jobs, including registered radiologic technologist, radiation therapist, or ultra sound technologist or nuclear medicine technologist.

Educational Opportunities

  • MRI – 18 Weeks 

Contact Information

To learn more, contact:

Mez Chen , 704-765-8722

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