Academic Enrichment Programs


ePortfolio ePortfolios are digital collections of students’ best academic and educational experiences. They are accompanied by reflective self-assessments that provide both personal and academic contexts for the collection.

At SPCC, students in certain programs complete ePortfolios as a program requirement.

ePortfolios help students impress potential employers with learning and professional history.

Transfer students also benefit, since colleges and universities often use ePortfolios for:

  • Course level assignments
  • In Honors programs
  • For General Education or program assessment
  • As an admission requirement for schools or colleges within universities.

Our ePortfolio program reflects SPCC’s commitment to promote and celebrate learning as the process that changes and improves lives. Students practice reflection and self-criticism that showcases their personal and educational achievements for faculty, admissions officers, scholarship committees, employers, family, and friends.

ePortfolio assistance is available in the Academic Support Centers on the LLP and OCH campuses and through a variety of workshops offered each semester.

SP Global

SpGLobalWith SP Global, study the world at home or abroad in globally focused college courses. You will:

  • Engage in intercultural and international events on campus and in the community
  • Connect with the world through community service
  • Immerse yourself in study abroad and/or domestic intercultural experiences

SP Global Scholars of Distinction is a credit program for students with a 2.5 GPA or higher who are curious about the world, its cultures, and its people.

  • Students earn credit for college courses and other educational opportunities that have a global, intercultural, or international focus.
  • Students can study abroad, but it is not a program requirement.
  • Students create research projects with a global focus and explore intercultural connections within our community through service and creative learning activities.

As part of UNC’s World View Program for community colleges called the N.C. Global Distinction Initiative:

  • Students complete at least 15 credit hours of globally intensive courses
  • Participate in at least 8 “Passport Activities”
  • Complete 30 hours of global experience through study abroad or domestic intercultural experience
  • Give a capstone presentation related to their global experience in the program.

Students who successfully complete the program receive graduation honors and a notation on their transcripts.

SP Honors Program

SP HonorsThe SPCC Honors Program provides an intellectually challenging curriculum for high achieving students.

Sponsored and administered through the School of Arts and Sciences, Honors courses enrich traditional coursework by offering advanced opportunities for critical thinking, communication, information and technology literacy, academic integrity, and social responsibility.

The Honors Contract gives students the option to collaborate with faculty to create an Honors project in any curriculum course.

Students in transfer programs can transfer honors credits to their 4-year destinations, allowing them to continue university-level honors.

SPCC has articulation agreements with Appalachian State University, UNC Asheville, Western Carolina University, UNC Greensboro, and Mars Hill University.

Honors credits from SPCC may transfer to other colleges and universities as well.

Service Learning

Sp Service LearningDo you want to make a difference? At SPCC, you can!

Our Service Learning Program is a teaching and learning strategy that combines community service with academic activities and reflective practice. Students grow academically by applying course learning in “the real world.”

At SPCC, students enrolled in service learning courses participate in community service as a portion of the assigned activities.

In some courses, students have the option to fulfill part of the course requirements by completing a service learning project. The projects meet the course’s learning outcomes and enhances opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Revere is South Piedmont Community College’s student journal. Revere received its title because the publication showcases student art, writing, and research to be admired, or revered, by their peers and community. The name also refers to the SPCC mascot, the Patriot, by reminding us of famous American patriot Paul Revere. Just as Paul Revere is famous for shouting “the British are coming,” Revere continues the tradition by “shouting” about the poetry, research essays, short stories, art and more from our extremely talented students. It’s a publication students and the community can be truly proud of.”

Click here to view the latest edition.

Undergraduate Research

Undergrad logoThe SPCC Undergraduate Research Program allows all students to participate in and come to value original research and scholarship. By providing students the ability to collaborate with faculty mentors, the Undergraduate Research Program provides students the freedom and opportunity to explore their own interests and passions outside of the traditional classroom.

Find more information about the Undergraduate Research program here.


Tammy Frailly
Director, Academic Enrichment Programs


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