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Join Rick Crider and learn how to use your Digital Camera. This class is informative and fun!

We offer a four-week, eight-session photography workshop, taught by award-winning local photographer Rick Crider. The workshop is tailored for aspiring photographers who are moving into the world of digital, single lens reflex cameras and are ready to step beyond the “point and shoot” mind-set. Students will explore the capabilities of their cameras’ variable settings, such as ISO, shutter speed, aperture (f-stop), focusing and metering modes, and how to use those settings to achieve optimum results for a particular scenario.

“This workshop is technical in nature, as opposed to creative and/or artistic,” Crider said. “It’s designed primarily for those delving into the use of a digital SLR for the first time, getting them past using the camera in automatic or program mode and discovering just how versatile their new one can be once the basic functions are understood.”

Crider said that in addition to those seeking a solid, basic understanding of their camera, this course could be especially helpful for parents/students who shoot sporting events, students entering the graphic arts and design fields and small business owners who wish to enhance and promote a service or product online or in the print media.

Crider has 33 years experience as a professional photographer and is currently employed by The Enquirer-Journal in Monroe. He also does freelance commercial work and for other media outlets. He has won numerous state and regional awards over the years from different organizations, including the North Carolina Press Association and the North Carolina Press Photographers Association. He previously taught photography at Anson Technical College, a predecessor of SPCC, from 1977 to 1985.

**Students will bring their own DSLR camera to class**


Check back for 2020 dates6-8:30pmTThMonroe Old Charlotte Highway Campus


Cost: $75

Location: OCH Campus, 4209 Old Charlotte Highway, Monroe, Room 135

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