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About SPCC Distance Learning

South Piedmont Community College provides the opportunity to earn credit through alternative methods of instructional delivery. Distance learning delivery systems at SPCC include online courses, blended courses, web-enhanced courses, interactive television courses, and video courses.

Online (Internet, Moodle) are taught via the Internet using Moodle, the college’s course management systems. Online learning gives students the flexibility of accessing course information, submitting their assignments, and participating in course discussions and projects at a time and place that is convenient to their schedules. Online courses are offered as part of the College’s regularly scheduled classes and can be accessed starting of the first day of the term. All online courses have IN section numbers. Students are charged a $7.00 fee for each online course.

Blended courses combine required, scheduled class time with learning units online in Moodle. The number of scheduled class meetings varies from course to course. Access to a computer connected to the Internet as well as computer and Internet skills are required for these courses. Courses listed with B in the section number are blended courses. Students are charged a $3.50 fee for each blended course.

Web-enhanced courses required that students attend all regularly scheduled class meetings, but they must also have access to and be able to use a computer that’s connected to the Internet. The Moodle course site for these courses can be a resource for checking grades, handing in assignments, doing group work, as well as many other things. Courses with a W in the section number are web-enhanced.

Courses offered through interactive television technology have two-way interactive video technology that connects teaching locations throughout the state or between local campuses. Interactive television (ITV) enables a student to attend face-to-face classes that may be taught at SPCC or received from another institution. ITV enables the course instructor and students in a classroom at one location to see, hear, and talk to students in a comparably equipped classroom at another location. Courses with IT and IH in their section numbers are interactive television.

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