SPCC Celebrates the 2022 Fall Semester President’s List and Dean’s List

Academic Honors

If you are enrolled in a curriculum program leading to a degree, a diploma, or a certificate, you are eligible for the Academic Honors lists. Special credit students are not eligible for academic honors. Students who earn grades of “D,” “F,” “I,” or “IE” for the semester are also not eligible. Any repeated (coursework previously attempted), developmental education courses or earned grades of “WE” are excluded from the minimum semester hours.

President’s List

To honor our students for outstanding academic achievement the college publishes a President’s list at the end of each semester. Students enrolled for a minimum of 12 semester hours in a given term in an approved curriculum and earning a 4.0 GPA will be placed on the President’s list. Only courses at or above the 100 level are considered in calculating eligibility for academic honor.
A.G.E. – Practical Nursing
Kelli P. Shackelford
A.G.E. – Medical Sonography
Savannah R. Locklear
Associate in Arts
Melaina A. Andrews
Kaitlyn B. Caldwell
Colin A. Crowley
Michelle E. Dannen
Adrianna Delgado
Iris Y. Delgado
Sophie Derusha
Shakirah D. Ford
Hunter Iler
Mary A. Kales
Jennifer L. Lasarko
Valerie Marinello
Kevin Picazo-Gonzalez
Kianna Redetzke
Marilynn K. Salas
Makiah Shipman
Kelli D. Smith
Andrew Stewart
Makenna Tracy
Nina Trofimov
Victoria Vera Castro
Joshua B. Vickers
Associate in Arts, Early College
Matthew J. Clipston
Sydnee L. Davis
Jada Harrington
Allan Mejia
Lora Price
Harlee Roberts
Hailey Rojas
Callee Turner
Erik A. Vega
Associate in Arts, Wingate
Nicholas D. Cote
Kirsten L. Love
Bella C. Roberts
Chloe E. Small
Associate in Engineering
Jonas Valenzuela
Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts
Veronica Gallego Fleites
John N. Pendleton
Anna C. Thomasson
Associate in General Education – Nursing
Cierra L. Burke
Itzel Medina-Barboza
Mary K. Starnes
Associate in Science
Leonardo T. Barber
Payton L. Buckingham
Alexis L. Griffin
Dhruvil Patel
Emily E. Pitoniak
John Pressley
Samantha L. Pressley
Aryan Shah
Katie A. Shelest
Usman A. Tasayev
Luke D. Trofinoff
Melanie Zapata-Zapata
Business Administration
Elijah Daniels
Business Administration Degree
John P. Rusciolelli
College Transfer Pathway
Ashlee Bardsley
Summer A. Coble
Siya J. Desale
Kaylee E. Eckersley
Emma C. Horne
Audrey B. Hyatt
Eva G. Knepp
Sydney C. Leak
Jena L. Price
Criminal Justice Technology
Yamilet Atempa-Roman
Jacob N. Clontz
Jonathan M. Wezowicz
Digital Media Technology
Kimberly Coria-Pavon
Alexandra W. LaCombe
Early Childhood Education – Transfer Degree
Grace E. McClain
Lydia R. Womack
Human Services Technology
Chelsea F. Tarte
IT Game and Simulation Programming Degree
Daniel L. Williams
IT Information Systems Degree
Caleb C. Johnson
IT Systems Security Degree
Ethan O. Doby
Heather O’Leary
Savannah M. Pierce
Trisha L. Williams
Mechanical Engineering- Engineering Pathway Degree
Jesse L. Robinson
Mechatronics Engineering Technology
Erik T. Christensen
Job C. Kelley
Medical Assisting Diploma
Kristen S. McKay
Medical Sonography
Emily H. Braswell
Miranda Goodwin
Bailey N. Joyner
Kristina A. Matthews
Shelby L. Morales
Wilson M. Ruberti
Olivia R. Sanford
Bethany J. Wuerffel
Paralegal Technology Certificate
Kathy Stratton
Programming Fundamentals Certificate
Samara Carmona Gutierrez
Welding Technology – Basic Welding Certificate
Samuel X. Poloche

Dean’s List

The Dean’s list is also published at the end of each semester and honors the outstanding academic achievement of our students. Students enrolled for a minimum of 12 semester hours in a given term in an approved curriculum and earning a 3.5 GPA or higher (but less than a 4.0 GPA) will be placed on the Dean’s list. Only courses at or above the 100 level are considered in calculating eligibility for academic honor.

A.G.E. – Medical Sonography
Rebecca Confer
Rebecca J. Lathan
Shanice D. Siler
Accounting and Finance
Azaliya Odarchuk
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology
Jordan N. Rodems
Associate in Arts
Jayden R. Deal
Joel T. Down
Donald Eggleston
Monica Y. Espinoza
Emily D. Griffin
Benjamin C. Jamison
Alec M. Jarvis
Nikayla Lewis
Diana Lozova
Laquanda T. Perkins
Leanna L. Pugh
Gabriela Quintana Ocampo
Jordan A. Rowell
Sarah M. Thomas
Luke Thoms
Molly White
Erin Williamson
Landon T. Young
Associate in Arts, Early College
Sheneeka Allen
Thomas Douglas
Joshua D. Grantham
Aalysa Liles
Destiny J. Lindsey
Ryan Z. Masara
Reace C. Parker
Yesenia Sanchez-Perez
Keira Williamson
Associate in Arts in Teacher Preparation (AATP)
Abigail F. Benton
Associate in Arts, Wingate
Jeremy M. Jambora
Colin A. Smith
Associate in General Education – Nursing
Leah R. Acoveno
Sophia F. Liles
Gracin B. McCormick
Associate in Science
Sergio Andrade Cristobal
Kaili B. Arnold
Yana J. Batsuk
Brenna Cafferty
Samuel K. Edwards
Nathan C. Emerson
Breana R. Esp
Elijah M. Gemes
Dalen H. Gordon
Nathaniel D. Gustafson
Katherine O. Harman
Anthony J. Herrin
Aidan Q. Kelly
Brandon C. Ngwa
Elexa Ocampo
Madalyn R. Payne
Liam C. Thomas
Associate in Science, Wingate
Grant A. Tarlton
Business Administration Degree
Ryan P. Maflin
Sarah F. Miller
Hilda Nyarko
Business Administration Entrepreneurship Degree
Colby B. Burke
Jersey M. Smith
College Transfer Pathway
Ashutosh A. Lala
Carly F. Riffle
Chloe E. Riffle
Criminal Justice Technology
Chloe G. Kelly
Frazier M. Williams
Criminal Justice Technology – Basic Cyber Criminology CTE Cert
Akhil Gajjala
Cyber Crime Technology
Taiwan R. Ellison
Dillon J. Gonyea
Digital Media Technology
Allyson Glaze
Early Childhood Education – Transfer Degree
Stacey D. Fields
Jessica E. Guion
Emily P. Purser
Early Childhood Education Diploma
Kellyanne E. Sullivan
Heating Fundamentals Certificate
Charliey Melchor-Aguilera
Human Services Technology
Erika L. Dimas
Industrial Systems Machining Certificate
Katherine S. Drye
Victor M. Pereira
James G. Thuleen
IT Game and Simulation Programming Degree
Kwawli K. Badger
Dominick M. Brockman
IT Information Systems Degree
Jacob J. Ahern
Ryan D. Brand
Robert J. Tippin
IT Systems Security Degree
Anthony F. Foster
Mechanical Engineering- Engineering Pathway Degree
Aidan A. Lee
Medical Assisting Diploma
Kayla L. Fletcher
Kasey M. Mullis
Medical Sonography
Martha Dario Hernandez
Olivia C. Greene
Kenlie A. McGee
Lauren E. McLeroy
May L. Xiong
Paralegal Technology Certificate
Ruth A. Gonzalez-Pacheco
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