2017 SPCC Graduate Accepted to NC A&T’s Honors Program

Janica Horne has been accepted into North Carolina A&T State’s Honors College. After graduating from SPCC in December, 2017 with an Associates in Arts degree, Ms. Horne transferred to NC A&T to pursue a degree in Social Work. After earning 15 credit hours at the university and a GPA of 3.5 or higher, Ms. Horne applied for the Honors Program and was accepted in August 2018.

The Honors Program at NC A&T is designed to offer intellectual growth, leadership, service opportunities, and social experiences for achievement oriented undergraduates like Ms. Horne. She is taking Honors courses in Social Work this semester. In the future, she will participate in internships, undergraduate research, seminars, and a capstone project.

In her capstone ePortfolio for the Associate in Arts degree, Ms. Horne wrote, “Throughout my time here at SPCC, I have learned many things but significantly, I have found out how important it is to finish “it.” An “it” is anything you have started and yet to finish. My “it” is completing my Associates in Art at SPCC, but soon my “it” will change and so will yours. Whatever your “it” is, finish it.

Congratulations, Ms. Horne, on finding your next “it.”

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