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Career and College Promise (CCP)


At South Piedmont Community College students can take college classes while still in high school. After graduation from high school, students can be well on the way to earning an associate degree at South Piedmont Community College. This approach is affordable and gives students a head start to finishing college.

The N.C. Career and College Promise (CCP) program is a jumpstart for earning a college degree. Tuition is free!

Qualified students can earn college credit while still in high school. Students are dually enrolled in their high school and at South Piedmont Community College allowing them to receive both high school and college credit for courses taken through the program.

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Here are some ways that students have benefited from participating in the Career and College Promise program during the 2016-2017 academic year at South Piedmont Community College:

  • Free Tuition:  More than 590 high school students saved over $490,000 in college tuition and fees.
  • College Credit:  Participating high school students earned over 4,700 hours of college credit and the majority achieved a grade of “B” or better..
  • Career Exploration:  High school students explored more than 45 academic programs and career pathways throughout the academic year.

Download the Career and College Promise Program Guide for program information and course offerings.

Use the booklet from the link above to browse for classes on Webadvisor.

College Transfer Pathways: We offer two transfer pathways that provide structured sets of general education courses. Upon completion of the Associate in Arts College Transfer Pathway or the Associate in Science College Transfer Pathway, students will be able to earn an Associate in Arts (AA) degree or an Associate in Science (AS) degree with less than 30 additional hours of study. You must have a weighted 3.0 grade point average and demonstrate college readiness on an approved placement test.

Career and Technical Education Pathways (CTE): We have 36 different pathways in a wide range of subjects that can be applied toward an Associate of Applied Science degree. Many of these classes do not require test scores and if your GPA is not quite at the 3.0 level, you can still participate with permission from your principal.

To get started, contact your child’s guidance counselor. The counselor can provide information about your child’s eligibility and coordinate the high school and college class schedules. If you have additional questions about the Career and College Promise program or attending South Piedmont Community College, please contact one of our Enrollment Recruiters.

To learn more, contact:
Devonne Gaddy – or 704-290-5872
Jeff Jost –  or 704-290-5871

Career and College Promise 2017-2018 Program Guide
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CCP Procedures Manual 2016 2017
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