Licensed Practical Nurse Refresher

MA-Dip_WebThe LPN Refresher curriculum provides a refresher course for individuals previously licensed as Practical Nurses who are ineligible for reentry into nursing practice due to a lapse in licensure for five or more years. An individual entering this curriculum must have been previously licensed as a Practical Nurse.

To apply, complete the SPCC application found online at: Apply Now. The following should be submitted with your SPCC admissions application:

  • A copy of your LPN license/Nursing Certificate Number

Admission is on a space-available basis. Selection is based on previous academic experience, satisfactory clinical and ethical performance, and appropriate North Carolina Board of Nursing guidelines. The course is offered in the fall semester each year; however, sufficient class enrollment is necessary in order for the class to be offered.

Application Deadline for Fall 2019 Entry: June 24, 2019

You will receive an email from the Admissions Office notifying you of your provisional acceptance into the Licensed Practical Nurse Refresher course. Once provisionally accepted, you must do the following to be fully accepted:

  • Attend the LPN Refresher orientation session
  • Provide your current CPR/BLS certification
  • Submit the Student Medical Form for North Carolina Community College System Institutions. Note: Any costs for physical and any required immunizations are the student’s responsibility.

Applicants accepted for admission into the Licensed Practical Nurse Refresher course at SPCC may be required to complete a criminal background check and a drug screen after notification of acceptance and prior to participation in the onsite clinical portion of the program. Fees are the student’s responsibility. If the criminal background check and the drug screen are required and, based on the results, hospitals or clinical facilities where you will participate in onsite training may deny you access to their facility, resulting in your inability to complete the clinical portion of the course. If you are unable to complete the clinical portion of your training, you will be unable to complete the course.

For more information, contact Enrollment Specialist, Crystal Barbour,, 704-272-5327.