Information Technology

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Program description:

With computer information credentials, you will be able to design, develop, implement, and repair computer software, hardware, and networks. Job responsibilities can include maintaining computer networks, training others on operating systems, and troubleshooting.

Classes cover computer operations and terminology, operating systems, databases, networking, security, and technical support.

Upon completion, graduates should be prepared to sit for industry-recognized certification exams, which demonstrate job readiness to employers.

Employment opportunities:
Graduates should qualify for employment in entry-level positions for managing information systems. Because of the prevalence of computers, career opportunities are available in nearly all industries including finance, gaming, real estate, law, education, government, and medicine.

Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates:
CTE Pathway Options for High School Students

Information Technology Degree – Information Systems (A25590A)
•     Information Technology Certificate –  Information Systems  (C25590A)
•     Information Technology Certificate –  Operating Systems  (C25590B)

Information Technology Degree – IT Business Support (A25590C)
•     Information Technology Certificate –  Microsoft Office  (C25590C)

Information Technology Degree – Systems Security (A25590E)
•     Information Technology Certificate –  Systems Security  (C25590F)

Information Technology Degree – Web Administration and Design (A25590F)
•     Information Technology Certificate –  Web Administration and Design (C25590G)

Information Technology Degree – Game and Simulation Programming (A25590G)

To learn more, contact:
Jermaine Alston
Faculty, Computer Information Technologies

Oscar Gonzalez
Faculty, Computer Information Technologies

Chris Johnson
Faculty, Computer Information Technologies

Patricia Johnson
Faculty, Computer Information Technologies

Linda Ward
Faculty, Computer Information Technologies and Advertising and Graphic Design

Mark Little
Department Chair, Computer and Industrial Technologies

Maria Lander
Dean, School of Applied Science and Technology

NOTE: This program may transfer to a four-year institution. For more information, please contact the individual(s) listed above.