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Adult Basic Skills Overview and Mission

The mission of the Adult Basic Skills program is to provide a positive educational experience that enhances the lives and well-being of its students, assists with transitions to post-secondary education, and develops the skills and knowledge necessary to enter and thrive in today’s workforce.

Our department has excellent areas of study for adults 18 years of age and older who need to study, learn, or review the basic skills needed to feel confident in everyday life, work, and to be able to succeed in college or continuing education classes.

Our areas of study include the following and are taught at 4209 Old Charlotte Highway, Monroe and at Lockhart Taylor Center, Wadesboro. We also have many locations available for you throughout Union and Anson counties.

How to Enroll:

  • Please call SPCC and ask for the Adult Basic Skills Department at 704-290-5100 in Monroe, or, 704-272-5300 in Wadesboro. We can help you find the best class for your needs.
  • Typically, the first step in enrolling is to attend an Orientation and Testing session. This is done weekly in Anson County and every two weeks in Union County for Adult Basic Skills, High School Equivalency, and Adult High School. Sessions are held at our 4209 Old Charlotte Highway campus in Monroe and our Lockhart Taylor Center in Wadesboro.
  • During these sessions, new students learn about our programs, which program is best, take a basic reading and math test to help identify strengths and areas for improvement. We counsel each student individually and register them for class at these sessions.
  • For English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), please call Amber Goodall, 704-290-5248.
  • For Compass Education, please call Robin Rowland, 704-290-5813.

Admission Requirements

  • Adults 18 years of age or older who have not completed high school
  • Orientation and placement testing are required.
  • Students 16 or 17 years of age, click here.

Class Locations

  • Classes are provided in locations throughout Anson and Union counties.
  • Morning, afternoon and evening classes are offered year round.


  • Instruction is provided free of charge to all students in Adult Basic Skills classes.
  • Books and other study materials are furnished at no cost to the student.

Official Transcript: GED®, HiSet and Adult High School

For more information regarding a replacement transcript for your GED®, HiSET, or Adult High School diploma, please contact us. In Union County, call Ms. Jody Chartier at 704-290-5230 or jchartier@spcc.edu In Anson County, call Ms. Laura Ratliff at 704-272-5462 or lratliff@spcc.edu.

High School Equivalency Records